Students in the course learn about British culture through media from those who work in that industry. Students also become more literate in blogging as a way to learn how to use social media in the professional world. As summer student mo-jos (mobile journalists), London is our classroom to help you compile a body of work online and stretch your practical and academic skills in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Compelling tours and lectures from professionals who work in the varied journalism fields touch on the entire spectrum of media practice and provide a picture of the rapidly changing industry and its stark differences from American journalism. We’ll discuss the story of Great Britain told through its news coverage, public relations practices and advertising policies and the pros and cons of each while developing and stretching our technology skills.

What you learn about British media will surprise you. Many Americans assume that British media mirrors its American counterparts, but through this course, you will find that’s really not true. MCJ499/599 will help uncover the real story and the myriad reasons for the differences, including the answers to these and many other important questions:

       • What are red tops, and are they leading British journalism into the sewer? 

       • Why is advertising in British media so darn racy, and how do regulators keep it from going too far? 

       • What is the fastest route into public relations in the U.K.?

       • Why do American movie stars prefer to challenge use of information in the press in the UK rather than the US?

       • What goes into building a brand like Wimbledon or Twickenham? And why does that matter?

       • And, speaking of sport, is it possible the Brits care more about their on-field endeavors than we do back home?

You'll hear from the experts in these fields while learning your way around one of the world's most exciting and globally active cities. And you'll come home with a well-developed blog that can show potential employers your creative skills as well as your writing abilities and multi-media skills. It's a great way to learn!