A final class syllabus will be provided about a month prior to departure. A calendar of our class visits will be provided the first day of class in London, although a tentative calendar will be part of your Canvas page for this class and will be updated as it develops. Here's a look at the kinds of things you'll be doing before, during and after London.

Before departure: On the Canvas provided for this class, there will be a number of readings that you should complete before you arrive in London. You will be required to keep a journal based on those readings and will receive a grade for that readings journal. The readings are designed to introduce you to some of the entities and individuals you will be visiting and hearing about during the course. You will turn in the readings journal the first day of class for a grade but may want to consult these readings prior to a particular visit during the class itself. You will also want to use the readings notebook for any necessary notes you want to take throughout the course.

During your stay: You will be blogging and tweeting daily, based on our class visits. The blog commands the largest portion of your grade and must be completed prior to leaving London. It will chronicle where we've been and who we've met and what that means, but it’s much more than a travel diary. You will include photos, videos, podcasts and/or other media options from each visit. There will also be cultural visits you should accomplish on your own time to be part of this blog as well as assigned blog posts to gain understanding of the British media and culture. We will also have a final exam before departing for home.

Once you return to the U.S.: You will gather news reports and information about a specific topic assigned during the first week of class to complete a final essay (2000 words for undergraduate students; 3000 for graduate students) that will be due approximately four weeks after the class in London ends. The essay will be submitted electronically.

You will be assigned texts to read during the course. Both will be available as e-books and while we may not discuss them as part of the course, in past summers we often have had the chance to meet the authors of your books. Reading the books in advance of meeting the authors may make that meeting more meaningful, but is not required. You will complete book reports -- an oral report and a written report -- for submission approximately four weeks after the class in London ends. The written report will be turned in on a date to be determined when you deliver an oral report to show your comprehension of the material.