Some advance notice about:

Dress code: The weather can change on a dime in London, so you'll want to plan layers. The average temperature in London during June is often the high 60s, but if it's a sunny day, it can climb into the 70s. And in summer 2017, there was a stifling heatwave for about six days. You'll want scarves and light jackets to help with the cooler and/or rainy days but may find yourself peeling things off as the day goes on. Keep it classy. You don't have to dress up every day, but I do want you to look neat and presentable since we'll be in a number of professional offices where there is a strict dress code. And even if there's not a strict dress code, I want you to look neat and tidy so the Brits we meet will notice.

Getting around: I predict by the end of the first weekend you'll already be a pro in using the Tube and you'll be well on your way learning the bus system of London. We'll be using both for our transport throughout the month in London. The program will provide you with an Oyster card, which allows you to pay for your rides on public transportation, usually for the entire time we are in London. The Oyster card works both during and and after class time, so you'll be able to get around London on your own as well.

Class times/free time:  Class will meet Monday through Friday each week. The program offers one-day Weekend Explore excursions for an extra fee that will take you to Stonehenge/Winchester and Dover Castle/Canterbury. You can also travel on your own or with friends once class ends on Friday. Minibreak usually begins at noon on the Thursday of week 3 and ends at 5 p.m. on Monday of week 4, so you'll have five days to travel a bit further than usual.

Class times are dependent on the schedules of those we are visiting or hearing from, so start times will vary daily. Usually we will do at least two visits per day. A night session may be an occasional possibility as well. Your free time during the week will give you time to get your daily assignments done, visit some of the cultural sites you'll be blogging about and to do some sight-seeing or other activities with your friends. Saturday and Sunday can be travel time each week if you like, but I advise you not to make plans for travel until the calendar for our class visits is finalized.